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NEW: Writ of Mandamus filed against Sapphire Bay Condominiums West by George R. Simpson. 1.59 Billion Dollars

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See the list of motions filed by SBCW Board of Directors against Geeorge R. Simpson
-- in just one case.


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Nancy Giges is the new President and "Embezzler and Chief" of the Board of SBCW..

The board was elected "illegally" for a long time, because they had board members (Steven Kerschner, Jack Donohue, Jack Golden, and Jay DePol) weren't qualified to be directors. And the "illegal directors" were elected with an illegal proxy.

They have corrected the form of the Proxy to make it legal, but the nominating committee was still selected by the illegal board.

Therefore, the board is still illegally constituted.

The Board has been embezzling (using funds when they don't have the right to do so) funds to pay a lawyer who is pursuing lawsuits (for over 8 years) against George R. Simpson. Now George R. Simpson is about to receive judgements for his damages ($150Million) [HERE].

Once the large awarded is recorded, it is likely that the Press will shine light upon Sapphire Bay Condominiums West -- and Nancy and lots of other directors will go to Jail. [SEE HERE]


An atorney rating site says this about Alan Feuerstein:

"Feuerstein's sole objective is to bill you for as many hours as possible and for as long as possible. If he has his way, your case will never get resolved."



Steven Kerschner last President of Board of Sapphire Bay Condominiums West

kerschner2.jpe (1302 bytes)

The guy who falsified his ownership in Sapphire Bay Condominiums West to become a Board member and then President is now President of the Board again.

Who else would walk into multi-Millions dollars of Code violation liabilities and the probability of going to Jail -- USVI Jails are no fun -- and a high probability of lawsuits from the other owners?

Want to see the deed and affidavit which proves that Kerschner falsified his condo ownership? (CLICK HERE). Kerschner was illegally a Board member for 4 years, and for other reasons all Directors have been illegal since before the year 2000 -- and they all knew it.

1/2 $ Million of Owner Money Went to Put Lawyer Feuerstein's Children Through College -- It's not over yet!!.

Attorney Alan Feuerstein is the guy who has milked the S.B.C.W. for almost 1/2 Million Dollars with nothing to show for it. That's about $4,500 per unit owner -- and that's not 1/10th of it -- the rest is yet to come.

The S.B.C.W. directors (who knew they were acting illegally) filled five lawsuits (all in the local court except one in Federal Court) against then owner, George R. Simpson.

The main lawsuit, in which S.B.C.W. claimed Simpson had no authority to install new windows in his condo unit, was won by Simpson -- the Court ruling with predjuice against S.B.C.W. But still pending in this lawsuit are the court's consideration of many counter claims and motions against S.B.C.W. Simpson expects to get $Millions dollars from the Condo Association and its owners from those rulings in this main lawsuit.

Three other lawsuits filed by S.B.C.W. had to be withdrawn by S.B.C.W. because the condo's lawyers (Feuerstein and Capdeville) were too dumb to know that the Condo Association had an Arbitration clause in its bylaws which barred lawsuits between the association and its owners. One lawsuit is awaiting rulings in Federal Court -- doesn't look good for S.B.C.W.

There is a bright side. Since the Board members were not a legally constituted board, the owners can sue the Board

stevie.jpe (4710 bytes)

Feuerstein is likely to be long gone at that time -- flown the coop.

One of the owner/law breakers -- S. Sokolow has deep pockets, because of his Wife's father -- it is likely that he can be sued for the $ Millions lost to dishonest lawyers and awards to Simpson, and to USVI Code Authorties..

Simpson expects that the total losses by owners could reach tens of Millions $'s. Because the Condo Association is unincorporated and uninsured, those Million of $'s will flow directly to the 110 owners.

Meanwhile, the dishonest (our opinion) lawyer Feuerstein has educated four children on the backs of S.B.C.W. Owners, Marni Lauren Feuerstein, Jami Lynn Feuerstein (search for them on -- to see what the owners' money bought), Philip Borkowski, and Christopher Borkowski.

And if the association (which is still illegally constituted) keeps Feuerstein on the cases, he could get another $500,000 before it is all over.

The one thing Feuerstein is good at is BILLING OUT.


Hurricane Protection -- The Shutters the SBCW Board Required of Each Owner Won't Protect From Hurricanes -- Waste of Money, Unsightly Installation, and False Hopes of Protection -- Click Here

Flordia Code Ruling on Putting Hurricane Shutters on Window Inside   Click Here


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Lax Security at SBCW






NEW: Embezzlement and Insurance Fraud -- to send SBCW Board Members and Condo Managers to Jail


The Board Of Directors of Sapphire Bay Condominiums West have been an illegally constituted Board for at least ten years. The Board was elected using illegal proxies, and many members of the Board lied about their credentials. The current Board President, Steven Kerschner was not a legal Board member because he lied about the ownership of his mother's Condo unit.

The illegal "Board" misappropriated (embezzled) millions in payments, including over $700,000 in legal fees to lawyers Feuerstein and Capdeville for the lawsuits involving ex owner George Simpson.

Then, the Board and the Condo Managers misrepresented the legality of the Board, and filed insurance claims against the Board's "Officer and Board Member" insurance policy. Between the Embezzlement and Insurrance fraud, many Board members and the current and previous Condo manager should spend many years in jail.

Why SBCW Unit Prices so low? "I don't give a damn" management


$2Million in Financial Irregularities -- Board Breaks the Law -- Won't Let Owner Audit Books

Hundreds of Violations of Building Code Laws -- The Entire SBCW Property is Unsafe and Uninsured -- Huge fines? and Jail for SBCW Board and Frank Barry

May 14th Board Letter to Owners of SBCW -- and the Answer by George Simpson -- a $10,000,000 counter lawsuit for Defamation.

March 17 SBCW Board Minutes --

and the Answer by George Simpson -- a $10,000,000 Counter Lawsuit for Defamation Against Director S. Sokolow.

Unanswered Letter to SBCW Board

President Deception, Uninsured Funds, Marketable Securities, Signature Authority, Frank Barry Credit Card, Frank Barry Vacations, Illegal Aliens "Off the Books", Barbara Kerschner Title to D-13

Application to Disbar SBCW Lawyer Andrew L. Capdeville

Lawyer Lies and Five Board Members Break the Law

Unheeded Warning Letter to the Board of SBCW -- Obstruction of Justice

Safe Drinking Water Act Violation we trust the dishonest, law breaking, Frank Barry with the safety of our drinking water?

Contacts at SBCW



Who's to blame for this? -- the owners for not knowing that this was going on and not fixing it -- this website has had the truth on it for years.

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Parking Lot Flood in April, 2003, and then November, 2003, and at other times since. The parking lot was unusable for a week, some people couldn't move their cars for a week, during which time many cars were ruined. Nothing has been done to prevent this situation.

Why can't Sapphire Bay Condominiums West fix this problem? It would require approval from the agency which the condo association has been hiding $30,000,000 of code violations -- which carry with them jail terms of 3 years for every board member -- that's why.


DSCF0007.jpe (125432 bytes)

Most of the fences and wooden structures around the SBCW property are in bad need of rebuilding and/or repair and pair

DSCF001277.jpe (129144 bytes)

DSCF0014787.jpe (125237 bytes)


Chairs are left all over the beach in the late afternoon and throughout the night. Most nights, in season, there are 40 to 70 chairs left in an unsightly manner.

The SBCW Manager, Frank Barry, is provided a golf cart which he leaves on the beach with his clothes hanging off, while he enjoys the beach and strokes the owners.

During the season, he showed up on the golf cart and on the beach during work days with two different bikini clad women who were staying with him -- one week with one woman, the next week with a different one.

We kept track of his vacation -- 12 weeks in the last 12 months! Approved by the Board President who was not an owner when elected to the Board.

Frank Barry was once quoted as saying "I need the golf cart because I can get lots more work done using it". He has so much work to do that he takes 12 weeks vacation and no one ever misses him. You can see him riding the golf cart, (according to lawsuit filed against Alan Feustein the two have an "inappropiate" relationship) hand in hand with Condo Association attorney, Alan Feuerstein (who lives next to Frank Barry over the laundry room)





The stairways

leading to SBCW appartments are rusty and covered with filthy mold. These steel structures were not treated properly when they were procured and installed. The rust and mold must be removed. SBCW owns high velocity cleaning equipment -- it must be used to remove the mold. The stairs were replaced with newly designed ones. No structural engineer was used, no building permits were obtained. Many of the staircases have an illegal smaller step made of concrete at the bottom. Against the law and dangerous.


DSCF0032787.jpe (124892 bytes)



DSCF0010787.jpe (121839 bytes)






"I don't give a damn" management.



DSCF0015.jpe (122614 bytes)



The building next to the tennis courts is rotting away, badly needs sanding and painting and a door has gotten so ratty that it must be replaced, There are cracks all over the tennis court. Court squeegees are broken and/or worn out and need replacement. The fence poles around the court are rusted. The windscreen on the north side of the court is torn.


Look what happened after "I don't give a damn", Manager Frank Barry had the building "repaired".


fixedtennis1.JPG (327232 bytes)

Window in the Building next to the Pool still has Jalousie Panes missing.
Looks like no one cares!

fixedtennis2.JPG (326191 bytes)

Wooden board at the bottom of the Tennis Building remains unsanded, rotting and unpainted.

fixedtennis3.JPG (337480 bytes)

Wooden canopy at top of tennis shed remains uneven and unsightly

fixedtennis7.JPG (334576 bytes)

Broken Light Fixture needs replacing. Boards on side of Tennis Building are very rough with irregular areas, looks like someone fixed it who didn't care --
looks awful.


fixedtenns5.JPG (333171 bytes)


Boards were replaced with other boards which do not match. Another example of "I don't give a damn" management.

fixedtennis4.JPG (340530 bytes)



Ugly stain remains on side of building next to Tennis Court. Curved Pipe and other objects clutter the area.

DSCF0024787.jpe (129191 bytes)

Cars are left in the parking lot for years with flat tires and expired registrations.


Hedges around the SBCW facility are in terrible shape -- some trimmed, most look as if they have been in need of trimming for years. There is no lack of resources to keep these hedges looking good -- just "Don't give a damn management".

entrance.jpe (328009 bytes)

The entrance to SBCW looks like a World War I era entrance to an army base in West Virginia.



Christmas Lights

are still up in the middle of March, 2004 -- another Example of "I don't give a damn management". The lights were removed on March 29, 2004.

Tacky, Tacky

Quote from one of the owners about the SBCW shop:

"It's like something from the 1600's"

No good manager would allow this to exist

Due to exposure of, some of the junk was removed the last week of May, 2004.