Exhibit G

Mr. Simpson,

I am in receipt of your message as follows. My answering machine has one message from you and I believe it was last Thursday. In the message, you asked me "who was responsible for the lies". Please note these are your terms to describe the matter, not mine.

First, I would like to correct a sentence in your first paragraph. You state that I said I knew "they" lied. From the context of your message I believe "they" refers to the Board and the Board's lawyer. I have never told you anyone lied.

When you called me several times in December, after the first letter you received from Capdeville, I had just returned from St. Thomas and had not seen all the correspondence on the issue. If you remember correctly, I was also very ill with a cold and laryngitis and returned your calls in spite of that. I did take Minitues at the meeting and the Minutes reflect no vote being taken. However those who spoke at the meeting were opposed to your proposition. After the Board had reviewed your plans and proposal again, they denined your request. Subsequently this decision came to you in correspondence from our Attorney Capedeville.

I take offense to your comments and will not consider resigning from the Board.

Edith A. Rohrman