I called you in December, because I wanted you to find out why I had gotten two letters which contained lies (a lie is a lie, my words or yours, no matter what your church upbringing).  I talked to you twice.  Both times you said you would call the lawyer and find out who told the lawyer to write me and tell me there had been a unanimous negative vote, when there had been no vote at all.  You didn’t do what you promised.  You still haven’t done it.  I think it is your job to do it, and if you aren’t going to do that type of thing, because you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you should resign from the Board.  I and the other owners want directors and officers who will represent all the owners – particularly ones who have been lied to and wronged.


You say in your email the minutes reflect that there was no vote taken at the Board meeting.  But you also say:  “After the Board had reviewed your plans and proposal again, they denied your request”.  That can’t be true.  The Board can’t deny or approve anything without being in session, and without having a vote. 


In order for the Board to make a decision, it has to have a vote.  I was at the meeting.  No vote was taken.  Your minutes say there was no vote taken, so there was no decision. 


There was no subsequent calling of a special Board meeting.  No board meeting, no vote – no decision.  If there was a special meeting, you should have minutes of that meeting. 

Of course, we both know that there was no such special meeting.


I continue to be concerned about who told Jack Donohue to lie, when he typed the first letter, saying the Board had “unanimously voted not to give consent”, and who told the lawyer to lie in his first insulting letter to me.  Those letters damaged me.  The Board and each of its members are responsible – none of you moved to retract the letters.  I want a retraction letter, and I want the matter covered at the next meeting and recorded in the minutes. 


The Board’s responsibility includes covering correspondence which took place since the last meeting.  At the December meeting, there was no mention of the untrue letter I received from “The Board of Directors”.  There is no mention of my December 2, 2003 letter to the Board.  There was no mention of the December 3, 2003 letter to me from your lawyer, which also contained insulting lies.  There was no mention of my letter to the lawyer dated December 11, 2003, and there was no mention of the insulting letter from the lawyer dated January 8, 2004.


Your minutes for the November meeting did cover the event of Mike, the beach person, quitting his job, which happened weeks after the meeting.  But you did not mention any of the correspondence or circumstances relating to my request for window changes.   These circumstances are much more important, since they involve dishonesty on the part of the lawyer and at least one person who was at the November Board meeting.  The cover-up has gone on so long that the entire board is a party to it now.  The matter must be investigated, and, depending on the circumstances, that person or persons responsible for the lies should resign from the Board, or if it was Frank Barry, he should be fired.


I believe you are doing a terrible job as Secretary.  You report only those things which are pleasant to you.  That’s not your job. Your job is to record the meetings, correspondence, all the important and pertinent actions of  the Board.  Apparently, you do not have an interest in, or the ability to stand up under, difficult and uncomfortable situations.  I believe you should resign.