Garbage Piled High and Unsightly = "I don't give a Damn" Management"




Picture above shows garbage trapped behind cans.

At right, see garbage piled two feet above the top of the cans.

The way that garbage is handled is unsightly, inefficient, and unsanitary. Garbage is piled up two feet above the tops of the cans in the garbage area between Units C and D. Garbage is left for weeks in an open construction dumpster before it is picked up. Men must manually empty the garbage from the two areas (Between C and D and between A and B) put into a truck, then unload again into the dumpster.

No one collects the garbage on Saturday so owners, guests, and renters must look at garbage piled up all weekend.

The fences around the Garbage areas look terrible and should be redesigned and rebuilt. We should have small dumpsters at each of the two garbage areas and have a garbage company pick up and empty these small dumpsters.