"I don't Give a Damn" Manager


Manager Frank Barry is responsible (with Board members) for not filing for Building permits -- ever for 15 years. He is responsible for not ever filing for a Coastal Zone Permit -- possible liability of as much as $30,000,000. He functions as a construction contractor, yet he has no license to do so. He hires an unlicensed Electrician to perform work that by law must be performed by a licensed Electrian.

Mr. Barry has a payroll of 8 to 10 men, only one or two of them are working at any one time -- during the paid work day.

There is not enough work at SBCW for a full time "executive" who does not know how to fix anything. Frank Barry makes way too much for someone who hardly works -- $60,000 per year, free apartment, 12 weeks a year vacation.

The Tennis Coart area, hedges, fences, flood, hurricane shutters, Junk, Security, Stairs, Garbage... are all examples of this "I don't Give a Damn" manager.


Frank Barry is good at one thing, Stroking the Owners. He stacks the Board with his cronies and "yes men". Here he is seen riding on the SBCW provided golf cart with his partner in crime, Steven Kerschner, Director and President of the SBCW Board. Kerschner is without credintials to be a Board member. He represented that he was an Owner, and he wasn't -- for 8 years!