What a Sloppy try at Fixing the Tennis Area

A Disgrace of a Repair Job By: "I don't Give a Damn" Management.


Window in the Building next to the Pool still has Jalousie Panes missing. Looks like no one cares!

Condo Manager, Frank Barry must have driven by the tennis court area 10 times a day for 10 years, never fixed anything until published the disgrace.


Condo Manager, Frank Barry showed Andy and the others who work at SBCW the Tennis area and said "Just fix it, I don't care what you do, just fix it". And he did not follow up on their work.

Here's what happens when there is no supervission, and the Manager "Doesn't Give a Damn"















Wooden board at the bottom of the Tennis Building remains unsanded, rotting and unpainted.












Wooden canopy at top of tennis shed remains uneven and unsightly







Ugly stain remains on side of building next to Tennis Court. Curved Pipe and other objects clutter the area.












Worn out squegees, have not been replaced








Broken Light Fixture needs replacing. Boards on side of Tennis Building are very rough with irregular areas, looks like someone fixed it who didn't care -- looks awful.















Boards were replaced with other boards which do not match. Another example of "I don't give a damn" management.